Dance Degrees, Rebooted

Colleges are rethinking how they prepare students for sustainable dance careers. While quality training is vital in a dancer's college education, skills in business and entrepreneurship may be just what today's dancers need to succeed.

A World of Dance

Too often in dance, “you get into that disjointed world," says Keira Leverton, an instructor at the 17th annual Dance Planet festival in Dallas, Texas. "Tap dancers have their tap world. Ballet dancers have their ballet circles, jazz dancers their jazz.” At Dance Planet, which Leverton first attended as a student in the 1990s, “everyone is coming together, just to celebrate dance.”

Why I Dance

For me, dancing almost always has some thread of joy. It takes physical ideas (the foot goes here, the arm goes there) and through the prisms of dancer and choreographer, turns them into something beautifully abstract. Or, refracting in the other direction, it takes something abstract and makes it human, grounded in flesh and physics and atoms. 

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